Eventful Thinking

Eventful thinking
Ive been thinking about those Eureka moments, the ones where everything illuminates like in the cathartic moment of a musical score, where the scene you just saw with your eyes all of a sudden changes. And when I say changes I mean that everything your eyes are looking at stays exactly the same, its just the lighting behind your retinal nerve that changes. Things are different, and for a moment you can’t figure out why, but by the time you do, you realize you will never see that exact scene in the same “lighting” again.

By then you’ve moved onto scene 2 (because “all the world’s a stage” of course… that was sarcastic not intellectually superior in a caustic way at all). Where do you go next? Obviously you realize that things are different, but the same at the same time. That contradiction is altogether puzzling and leads you to the conclusion that the moment in time that you are currently standing in and the scene that surrounds you both in physical nature and eventful circumstance is undefinable.

Undefinable? Well that’s a scary piece of shit right there. Takes us back to 6th grade don’t it? Algebra 1? Those weird terms describing what is and what fundamentally cannot be. Fucking throws you off the train immediately in regards to math, until you get to calculus of course. For in calculus, if you get an answer that’s undefined you can just leave it, forget about it and realize that there’s nothing a goddamn genius could do about it. It’s UNDEFINED, “open bracket,” goes on forever.

So coming back to that “eureka” moment, you have to really take the “easier” route to looking at it. Let it go, leave it open, and understand that there are an infinite amount of ways of viewing the scene your eyes have not yet moved from, other than the two you have already experienced. Thus (sorry to cut my theory to such a short unproven and theoretical piece) Life should be approached “open bracket” — knowing that every decision you make, every step you take, every thought you even think about has an infinite range of possibilities. There are no right answers! There cannot be! So move on to scene 3 realizing that the script actually cannot exist, its only you and an audience of yourself until Act 3 and an applause of the fates.